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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 1, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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a nimrod not the biblical reference. thanks for watching. i'm bill o'reilly remember the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. >> sean: voters in a key swing state say they want george w. bush back in the oval office. the poll comes from the state of ohio. interestingly enough, it was conducted by of the left leaning public policy group 50% of residents there would prefer if george w. bush were still in office. leads by an eight point margin over the anointed one. even independents say they would rather have a third bush term now than an obama white house. news of this poll broke on the heels of the president's oval office address during which he spoke about his predecessor. >> the president: this afternoon i spoke to former president george w. bush. it is well-known that he and i
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disagreed about the war from its outset. yet, no one can could you tell president bush's support for our troops or his love of country and commitment to our security. >> sean: did president obama go far enough in acknowledging the former president last night? here with reaction and the bomb shell poll out of ohio, former white house communications director under george w. bush nicole wallace. and from the fox business network sandra smith is here. he supports our troops and he loves our country. that's the best they could do? >> like when you are describing someone to set 'em up you say he's a good dancer. [ laughing ] >> what i think that people are missing -- >> sean: got a great personality. >> what i think was missing last night was a president's heart this was a moment, we are here in new york city, family lives in san francisco, it doesn't matter how much
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people -- you can't talk to anyone in this country who doesn't have an instinctive appreciation for what the military did. even if they don't know anyone in the military. the president didn't show us enough of his heart last night. >> sean: where is this yes we can and all the excitement how about the words not only do i support our troops, not only does george bush. but they were successful. we were victorious. >> it was in a way under presidental. i feel the same way. we couldn't expect him to admit a miss -- a mistake. he vehemently opposed this as well as vice president biden. he used in the same breath talking about bush's strategy with the surge in iraq in 2007, the same breath he patted himself on the back for his troop surge in afghanistan. this was more about him than the successes --
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>> reporter: imitation is the sincerest form of flatter they are duplicateing bush in afghanistan. he would not have been able to give that speech last night had he or joe biden had their way. >> look, i don't think is lost on any of the american public this is part of obama's problem. at the root of all of obama's political problems is this inability to reveal anything that anyone can grab on to. he doesn't have political problems -- maybe he does he did choose the wrong policy now he has political problems. i think the public has turned on him in such a way because he always sides with the intellectually, never sides with the american people. >> sean: is up a good point. i used to talk about obamamania that feeling of omnipotent ecstasy and you chant and and say yes we can. you ever fall in love with a
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song or band. two years later you are like what did i see or hear in that, within that music? >> that's what the polls are showing. independents, they voted for him, they are feeling regret a couple years later. things haven't changed many he promised change and they are not getting it. 18 minutes in the speech. i came in this morning, it was awkward. he was talking about the what drawl in iraq tying it to economy and talking about how the money now saved from the war is going to take away from our deficit which has been adding to over the past several years. >> sean: that was krauthammer's take. flat, odd. there was a certain -- it fell flat. interesting things, i think this has been the worse august for any political party or president. the vacations, out of touchness. on the heels of you know the
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gulf oil spill. the economy. more bad news coming out today. it seems to me, i don't see how in the next 62 days this president is able t recover. do you see any way? >> not if you can open yourself up and feel something. he had no way to rhetoricallally cover-up the tax that he opposed the surge with a victory. he had no rhetorical way to blanket that over. but his to feel something. >> sean: what do you mean feel something? i think ideologically he feels he's done the right thing for the country with the stimulus and health care. i think he's angry at the criticism. angry that things hadn't worked out the way he wanted. what do you want him to emote? >> if he had any capacity for humility or any scrap of some self-deprecating humor, i think he could redeem himself. i see no evidence in three
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years or any of the books that he's written that he has the capacity for those human emotions. >> he doesn't have a leg to stand on. they are running out of time. the democrats are losing steam. everyday more bad news. unemployment figures coming out this week of the dow going nowhere since he took office, it has gone down. he doesn't have a leg to stan on. >> the public doesn't always turn on a president in bad times. a president who can say we are in it together, i know it is hard. i know this -- i know you are discouraged i'm discouraged sometimes too because i tried stuff and it hasn't worked. >> reporter: the gallup poll shows in 68 years we've never seen a 10 point gap since they've been polling in 1942. i think the real test for barack obama to see who he really is, if we get the results we expect in election year. will he have the capacity to
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change? to moderate. >> he's not bill clinton. >> sean: i don't think he will. >> he's not showing any signs he's willing to adapt to the needs of the american people. >> sean: thank you. coming up ann coulter, michelle malkin and much more. take a sneak peek. the economy the border, the war, americans trust the gop more than the democrats on all of these issues and more. could this signal an impending republican revolution? >> come the end of this year, i'm coming back home. >> sean: senator murkowski upset by miller. tonight he unveils his strategy for victory in november. residents of biddings developed by the ground zero mosque imam speak out in this shocking new video. hannity continues. ♪
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>> sean: a portion of the carter headed back to 1600 pennsylvania avenue. a solar panel installed during the carter administration is being delivered to president obama by a team from unity college. a member of this green movement told david letterman we are taking them back to the white house, time to put these back up. on the bright side at least they are not bringing carter back with them. that's the bright side. [ male . gornment may soon require
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and the first language, the language of chemistry, was universal and eloquent. and the unique ability of chemiry to change everything has never changed. it is still the hope of human history to come. it is still the bond in partial between the elements. hydrogen, oxygen, carbon and human. >> sean: so with just 6 days remaining until the midterm elections, which party do you trust? according to a new gallup poll, the answer is republicans on 7 out of 9 key election issues. the american people say, they trust republicans in congress more than the democrats. we took our cameras to the streets of new york city to see if we got a similar response. take a look at this: >> republican. >> me too probably.
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>> republican. >> republican. >> i want the republican. >> republicans. >> republican. >> undecided. >> republican. >> republican. >> democratic. >> democrat. >> republicans. >> republican on that too. >> republican. >> republican. >> republican. >> republican. >> republicans.bui[ >> again undecided. >> republican. >> republicans. >> democratic. >> i would say democrat. >> republicans. >> undecided.xjoi >> probably be democrat on that. >> definitely republicans. >> republicans. >> democratic so far. >> republican. >> republicans. >> republican. >> again undecided, neither. >> republican. >> republican. >> democratic. >> republicans.
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>> sean: joining us with reaction is columnist best selling author the one and only ann coulter. 68 year record now for the republicans in terms of generic ballot in a city where democrats outnumber republicans 8-1 that's impressive. >> yes, this is not helping my campaign to try to lower expectations. it is stunning poll. i will say the election is still two months away. they didn't ask about certain areas where the democrats are definitely better than the republicans, like an basing the united states in front of foreign dictators. >> sean: they are winning in that department. >> they definitely win in that. i'm sorry i'm pout in l.a. and i couldn't see the video you showed many one thing that always surprises me about these polls, i want to see the people i just heard saying democrat. i would like to meet the
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person who thinks democrats are better on terrorism or jobs. through the entire bush administration even with 9/11, even with bust everybody forgets that, because bush cut taxes and the economy recovered even with 9/11. the unemployment rate through bush's term was 5.2% average for the entire eight years. the lowest the unemployment rate has been since the beginning of the obama administration was the day obama took office. >> sean: you said something that i've been saying. i am concerned about people's expectations growing wildly out of control and anything short of 100 seat pick-up in the house and full take over of the senate is going to be viewed as a massive victory for obama and defeat for the republicans. i think the expectation game is important. explain why you do. >> yeah, this is exactly what the democrats did in 1998. the republicans had just taken
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congress in 1994 for the first time in 40 years. we managed to keep it in '96. you were talking about 50, 60 districts where people, not only have never voted democrat their patients and grandparents have never voted republican. to hold all those congressional districts two more cycles in a row was kind of crazy. still, democrats applaud republicans to build hope because of the clinton impeachment. republicans ended up losing five seas in the house in 1998, instantly the effort to impeach president clinton was almost abandoned. if you look back at that period, only losing five seats when the midterm average should have been losing 30 seats. don't get your hopes up. it is not a good year for republicans in the senate because of the senators who are up all in very blue states.
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>> sean: what is your advice -- look, i want to see the republican party be the conservative party. i want to see them run on conservative principles. what is your advice to those candidates, certainly the environment is better than it has ever been, the best in 68 years according to gallup many what are the things you want to see them run on, the specific things you want them to say? >> two things from this poll give us a hint. one is, oddly the voters are split, they are more favorable toward republicans on health care than they've ever been before. still it is split about 44-44 on who would handle republicans or democrats, who would handle health care better. since obamacare has passed there has never been less than a majority of americans who favored the repeal. right now 60% of americans favor repeal of obamacare. i think republicans are not
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being clear enough about planning to repeal obama care. the other issue is immigration. overwhelmingly, americans trust republicans more on immigration that's one of those issues that moderates are always saying let's try moderate our position no, the conservative positions are the good positions. the ones that americans like. >> sean: i don't think it is complicated. cut spending, balance your budget, control your borders. don't build a mosque at ground zero as a side issue. national security. energy independence. run on these things this is simple, not that complicated. ann we appreciate you being with us. >> never discount republicans' >> sean: i agree. we got 62 days to go. thanks for being with us many plenty more hannity straight ahead this hour. >> i am now conceding the race for the republican nomination.
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>> sean: fresh off his major joins me, next. >> they don't care. >> sean: these are the residents of buildings developed by imam feisal abdul-rauf. will this outrageous new video derail plans to bill the new ground zero mosque. >> indications that governor sarah palin could be planning a run for the white house in 2012. much more hannity, straight ahead.oj/ gecko: good news sir, i just got an email from the office and word is people really love our claims service. gecko: 'specially the auto repair xpress. repairs are fast and they're guaranteed for as long as you own your car. boss: hey, that's great! is this your phone? gecko: yeah, 'course. boss: but...where do you put...i mean how do you...carry... waitress: here you go. boss: thanks! gecko: no, no i got it, sir.
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>> sean: his name is joe miller. you may not know who he is, but you will. last night he pulled off one of the biggest political upsets of the year by defeating lisa murkowski. how did this newcomer pull this off? june 2nd the unknown conservative entered the race, 54% of those polled didn't
9:23 pm
know who he was in the week leading up to the august 24th, election things started to change when the tea party ramped up its support for miller. around that time sarah palin and her husband todd stepped in and endorsed miller. it i know he was a big supporter of yours, welcome joe, thanks for being here.
9:24 pm
>> thank you sean for having me. >> sean: we have a three second delay. let me ask you, you started out this campaign, 54% of people didn't know you. early on this summer you were down by 40 points. i saw according to one poll. you were able to come back. what do you think the difference was? what happened in this campaign? >> well, we started april 19th, what put this campaign on the map was of course governor palin's endorsement initially. then we had the tea party join in. what really motivated this campaign was the volunteer network. we had an incredible group of people in this state coming together working day and night to make this happen. we are a large state geographically as your viewers know, but small in population. the numbers of volunteers dedicated to the effort. the residents -- the resonance of the message carried this forward. we had governor huckabee join the fray, lt. governor also
9:25 pm
assist with endorsements. i was a perfect storm of the volunteer network, endorsements and hard effort that brought this thing forward. >> sean: your opponent scott mcadams is quoted saying the dcc the national democratic party doesn't know my name there. was an ap story that confirmed that senate democrats moved quickly to see whether or not you could give them an opening in the state of alaska, because were you unknown and because you're part of the evil tea party movement. so in fact, i don't think he was being honest with the people in this radio interview he gave. >> well, frankly with we aren't concerned about what we are facing up in the general election. obviously we are going to work this just as hard as we worked the primary. the message res -- resonates the federal government is broken the only answer out is
9:26 pm
return power to the stays. alaska almost 2/3 of the land is unfederal title it is a message alaskans can grab hold off. they understand that is a way out of the economic problems we have. a way to create an economic engine to the country. >> sean: i was watching an interview this weekend, it seems the national media has turned on you in quick fashion. they are trying to portray you as extreme. because you recognize that entitlement spending in washington is unsustainable, social security, medicare, the new health care bill, all of this money adds up and we can't afford it. you talked about partial privatization, privatization of social security and some other things. what do you say when the national media is trying to say anybody who wants to cutback on entitlements must be extreme, when all you are saying is balance the budget and live within our constitutional mandate? >> right.
9:27 pm
my answer to that that is if you believe that is extreme then you believe our founders were extreme that is not a message americans are going to accept. they see out of common sense that the federal entitlement state is hopelessly broken. they understand there has to be a solution beyond the socialist expansion that i think obama is moving forward that is to return power back to the states. to allow the states to act as economic engines. to get the government out of the way so we can progress this country out of the states and generate the economic benefits we need to get the country moving again. >> like a lot of democrats, we see your opponent now is racing from the national leadership. he's now saying that he doesn't need national support. what do you think that's saying? >> well, think he is running away from obama he's been characterized as left of senator back pitch. we know he understands that
9:28 pm
message is a failure. it is going to be difficult to run under the democratic party banner and not endorse all of the expansionist policies we know it is broken. it leads to less competitiveness. it leads to dependency and the bankruptcy that is coming upon us. he's running away from it. the type of democrat events exactly the type of opponent that i think is gonna fail with the message that we've brought and that is returning power to the states. >> sean: between you and rand paul and sharron angle, three exams where the establishment -- three examples where the establishment lost. what does that say about the party? >> the republican party needs to embrace the new movement. if the republican party does that it is likely it can lead the country and it can lead to a renaissance that's what we are encouraging.
9:29 pm
senator murkowski, waits a class act last night. exceptionally honorable for another do what she did. it avoids a recount. your listeners need to understand she fought hard for alaska, extraordinary warrior for the interests of this stay we had a different vision but we all need to sit back and recognize that she made real contributions to the stay of alaska. >> sean: joe miller, good luck. appreciate you being with us. head over to for the latest on the midterm elections and new explosive details about the controversial imam behind the ground zero mosque. that and more michelle malkin is straight ahead. ♪
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>> sean: tonight we have more disturbing news about the man behind the ground zero mosque.
9:34 pm
a report by the national review found he's not new to real estate development. according to the report he owns five buildings in new jersey, one possibly in foreclosure. what is most troubling is what is allegedly going on inside these apartment buildings. listen to the tenants are now saying. >> he had a leak in the ceiling a lot of water they don't care. the floor, i picked the floor up three times, because they don't do anything. >> cracks or leaks? >> yeah. we also have water coming down in the kitchen. i call the firefighters they turn off the breakers because that could cause a fire. the windows they don't lock. the heaters in the winter they don't work that good. we hartley -- we hardly have hot water. we have hot water for two minutes, three, four days, no hot water in the house and they don't fix anything.
9:35 pm
>> sean: once again his wife came to his defense claiming it doesn't have anything to do with the mosque. any claims are always addressed. pictures speak for themselves. it does cast doubt on the man whose radical side is slowly becoming more apparent. here with reaction author of culture of corruption, michelle malkin. great to see you in vegas. thanks for being here. >> very special cause, raising money for the families of fallen troops, the scholarships, i had a great time especially hearing you sing the devil went down to georgia. >> sean: i haven't shown that tape. >> it is bootleg tape for sure. >> sean: there's enough youtube to make me look bad. everyday we learn something new about this controversial imam. we find out he supports not a
9:36 pm
two-state solution where israel would be a state. he supports a one-state solution where the israelis would be a minority. now we find out he's what looks to me like a slumlord. your reaction? >> first of all great work by national review and daniel foster. they took the initiative to interview tenants of these low income housing developments. which are, by the way, subsidized with taxpayer dollars apparently imam rauf has been a slumlord overseeing several of these complexes. it makes you question the judgment of the city officials in new york who want to hand over god knows how much in government funding to help prop up the ground zero mosque project which would be run by this same man who apparently can't seem to turn on the heat and clean the filthy hallways of the developments that he does run. we've heard from the
9:37 pm
democratic city comptroller he may entertain the idea of forking over 70 million dollars in tax exempt bonds to help rauf out. >> sean: a guy that says america is an accessory to 9/11. hamas which just claimed responsibility for killing pregnant women and other innocent israel list this very week, -- israelis, this very week. osama bin laden made in the u.s.a., america should be sharia compliant we pay for him, his wife to go to the mideast. we are distributing his books on top of this and everybody puts their head in the sand. where are you mayor bloomberg where are you madame secretary hillary clinton, where are you president obama? does anybody not care about the radicalism of this guy or are they just putting their head in the sand? i can't figure it out.
9:38 pm
>> i wish they were putting their heads in the sand and staying out of the way. but they are standing beside him as you say, apparently the state department is now handing out his books. human events reported that some 3,000 copies of his books have been subsidized with our tax dollars going out there on his mideast out reach tour. i question again the judgment of these officials. it is not just his radicalism, it is the shadiness of these project deals. sean where the people complaining against the nativity scene or the lord's prayer or any mention of god or religion in a public school? why are they not offended we are rebuilding mosques in china and pakistan and sending this imam to the mideast and going to fund his ground zero mosque? where are these aclu liberals? >> yep, good question. crickets chirp when you ask where they are. i think the silver lining of
9:39 pm
this entire debacle is it is illuminating so many of these galling double standards. >> sean: michelle appreciate you being with us. great to see you the other night. time to check in with greta van susteren for a sneak peek -- you are not paying attention. you should be watching my show. >> greta: you know why? i'm busy on youtube looking for the video of you singing since i heard you and michelle talking about it. >> sean: it is there, trust me. and it is bad. >> greta: i'm going to keep looping it, once i find it -- >> sean: it will be on gretawire in 10 minutes. >> greta: i'm literally working on it. tonight governor pawlenty, senator sanatorium, doug schoen, griff jenkins in the field and all you tennis fans we have the brian brothers. >> sean: i'm a huge fan. tell them i'm a huge fan of theirs.
9:40 pm
i will be going to the u.s. open this weekend. >> greta: they are playing right this second. we interviewed them the other day at the u.s. open. i think they are going to win. >> i think they are going to win too. >> greta: they are very nice. >> they are talented too. we'll see you in 20 minutes from now. let not your heart be troubled our great, great american panel, next. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] think thousands of women can't agree on skin care? challenge that with olay. in an independent study of 50,000 consumers presented by better homes and gardens olay was voted best across facial cleansing
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>> sean: tonight he was the white house political director under president george w. bush matt schlapp is back. he's a cardiologist, businessman and republican congressional candidate, challenging john dingle in mish than dr. robert steele joins us. he has worked at the "washington post", white house correspondent, fox news
9:45 pm
contribute tort one and only juan williams. before we get into politics, i know we are going to have a big fight tonight. >> why? >> sean: because we always have a fight. i got to give the police credit. all day i was watching the foxlñ news channel watching the discovery channel headquarters in maryland over taken by this mad men thought he explosives and weapons, turns out he did. police shot and killed this guy. has this insane left wing manifesto that discovery must stop encouraging the birth of any more parasiteic infants, et cetera, he wants programs civilization must be exposed for the filth it is, find solutions for global warming. find solutions so people stop breeding. stop using oil. he's a radical leftist. the differences here juan, if
9:46 pm
wing extremist, i would have been blamed, talk radio, fox news channel, internet. i don't blame any leftist, i don't blame al gore, i don't blame his ridiculous movie an inconvenient lie. i blame this guy he's a nut case. why is it when there's an incident and the person has -- he listen to talk radio, why is it the left accuse the right of being responsible for a nut? >> are you trying to insulate yourself in case anything happens in the future? >> sean: no i'm being honest. al gore in spite of this guy's ridiculous ranting is not responsible for his actions. >> indeed. a lot of what al gore is doing is about the planet. it is not about alienating people or demonizing an opponent and saying these people are the reason for our problems. >> sean: george bush betrayed his country he screamed at the top of his lungs, al gore. that's -- that is like
9:47 pm
attacking me or you. what i'm saying is if you are demonizing an entire class of people or saying these people are responsible for all the trouble in the world. at some point -- like right now -- >> sean: those of us who believe we should drill, build homes and cut down trees are raping and pill lodge -- pillaging the country. >> the whole impetus behind this global warming al gore initiative is the number one carbon emitter on the planet is human beings. the argument this guy had too many people on the planet and overpopulation as crazy as he was, get that part right that's what that movement is about. crazy but on target. >> sean: certainly, he might have taken the information, i think is global warming hysteria, certainly he had some issues. but the difference is the left would blame conservatives. they would say they are
9:48 pm
responsible for motivating this guy. i do not claim the left, anybody on the responsible for his actions. he's responsible for his actions. >> absolutely. when you look at the idea he obviously is crazy. it is not -- in this case the left or the right making this guy crazy and the thing that matt was talking about with man killing the planet. i have more faith in humans. they are smart. san used to be a small rock on the beach now it is a computer chip. oil in the ground sticky mess has powered our economy in the future. humans are going to come up with the next thing. technology and the human brain we'll be able to solve most of the problems, including the energy situation, if they let us. >> sean: we have a follow-up. the actor john -- john cusack yearns for the satanic death of the fox news channel.
9:49 pm
. >> now is the kind of insanity that i think you have legitimate reason to worry about. >> sean: you are part of fox that means you too. >> check it out. [ laughing ] >> i mean that -- this is madness. now when he wants to demonize us that worries me some guy is going to read that tweet that's what drives me nuts. >> sean: there's a lot of nutty people out here. right now we are in the silly season matt. the next 62 days probably gonna get more insane by the hour. >> you look at this treat and i say a lot of misspellings, might have been imbibing in some spirits. i think he's a little off course. >> sean: certainly not acting because he isn't that good. >> it is amazing this guy can't look the other way because he disagrees with a few things said on this
9:50 pm
network. >> sean: are you going to beat john dingle? >> we have a chance if people get throughout and listen to the message, volunteers continue to show up. >> let me say the fact thank you are here tonight instead of a beautiful blonde is evidence that you are a winner. >> sean: beautiful blonde? >> every time i'm on this show -- watch yourself. every time we are hear you have -- we here you have an amazing woman here, usually a country star singer. >> people are ready for a change. >> sean: we'll take a break, come back and talk politics. juan is going to be mad in the next segment, i promise you. [ male announcer ] prilosec otc traveled to fairbanks, alaska. home of one of the coldest, longest nights on the planet. and asked frequent heartburn sufferers, like carl, to put prilosec otc's 24 hour heartburn protection to the test for two weeks. the results? i can concentrate on everything i'm doing, not even think about it anymore. since i've been taking it, i've been heartburn free,
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>> sean: we continue with our great american panel.
9:55 pm
all right, let's see the biggest number in 68 years, 1942, the biggest generic ballot advantage for the republican party, 7 of the top 9 issues people trust the republican party over the democratic party. 62 days before the election. even juan williams you think the house is going republican? >> no. >> sean: how much do you want to bet? >> bet? whatever you like. $100, a dinner, what? >> sean: $100 and a dinner, i'll take it. >> republicans will win 25, 30, maybe 40 seats. i don't think -- you know why, the case has not been made. >> sean: yes it has. >> no if you look at numbers jobs are the biggest issue mu in the country. republicans don't have any idea to advance the economy. they are just mad at president obama. >> sean: first of all, those that have not made up their
9:56 pm
minds they will break right. because the country economically on every major issue we are on the wrong track every poll shows that intensity factor another example of this. i don't see any way the democrats recover. you are in a tough race. >> i think my race going to make the difference in whether the republicans take the house. >> sean: how many years has dingle been in office? >> he served honorably he's been in washington, d.c. since he was 7-years-old when his dad was elected in 1932. he took over for his dad in 1955, been there since 7, graduated from the page high school. >> sean: michigan has lost half its population, double digit unemployment. if you want a poster child for bad liberal policies and high taxes go to michigan, detroit in particular. >> yeah, look you got nearly 10% unemployment a president under 50% in his popularity. eerily familiar to 1982.
9:57 pm
10 point advantage in the generic ballot in this poll thank you talk about, 11 point republican advantage on the economy that's the story here. american people don't trust obama with this economy. >> do they have any alternative? you can say you are mad at president obama -- where is the alternative. >> fact is the american people have decided that obama's policy solutions -- >> you keep coming back to obama. you refuse to say here's what republicans stand for. >> sean: saying hel no to bad policy is good politics. number two, if you listen to the republicans, five been interviewing boehner, michael steele tomorrow night they are coming out with something similar to a contract juan and it is going to come out mid september, early october there. will be no a.m. -- ambiguity the american people will know. >> i'm looking forward to this. what i've heard is no stall gentleman for policies that took -- is the no stall
9:58 pm
gentleman for the policies that took us into the recession. spending and responsibility from republicans, oh republicans who approve prescription drug benefits without funding it? >> i opposed it. >> they are looking for someone like me not a career politician. i went to my first county convention ever two weeks ago. i've not been involved in politics. >> sean: you are a cardiologist? >> cardiologist. >> sean: right now my blood pressure is up. [ laughing ] >> this guy has to join congress to make an honest living. >> sean: my cholesterol, i blame you for that too. >> steak dinners. that's why you have to buy me a dinner, vegetarian. >> sean: any way democrats recover? >> no people are worried about republicans speaking too soon. there's been a decision made in this country by independent voters that's the obama presidency which offered so much hope to these folks in
9:59 pm
the middle has been perceived as radical. he is the person case of his policies. i disagree with juan, there's been a decision that has been made by the american people that the obama policies, the pelosi policies are not going to get us out of this >> sean: 50-42, ohio wants bush back as president. >> that's all mythical. what if. the reality is there is not one republican who could beat president obama running right now, not one. >> sean: george bush in ohio can. >> he was president twice he's not running. >> we are not running against obama we are running against a career congress who spends out of control. inches and conservative democrats are running -- >> sean: change his heart so he can move to the


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